With radiant floor heating, comfort is integrated in the design of your home. These systems circulate warm water beneath your floor, through flexible, long lasting plastic tubing referred to as PEX. This tubing runs across your floor, wall to wall, bringing heat to every corner of the room.

A major advantage of radiant floor heating over forced air is that radiant is distributed evenly throughout the house. You won’t find cold spots, hot spots or drafts with this system. We use Uponor for our PEX tubing simply because they’re the best in the business. They have the most thoroughly tested PEX that is guaranteed for thirty years (and is known to last much longer). They have a long standing reputation of being the most maintenance-free radiant heating on the market.

Radiant heating has been around since the ancient Romans and is widely used in colder climates. It has become an affordable upgrade to any home and has a large number of advantages. You don’t have to turn the thermostat up higher just to heat the coolest spots in your house. It’s perfect for homes with vaulted ceilings or large windows, as these would otherwise waste heat. Radiant doesn’t disperse dust and has no motor or fan, so it’s extremely quiet.