The EPA found that Geothermal heat pumps can reduce energy consumption and corresponding emissions by over 40% compared to air source heat pumps and by over 70% compared to electric resistance heating with standard air-conditioning equipment. Combining Geothermal Heat Pump Systems with other energy-efficient measures, such as window or insulation upgrades, can increase these savings even further.

The Decentralized Approach
The decentralized Geothermal system has complete flexibility with individually zoned heat pumps that are only operated when the space is occupied. The system is all-electric, which eliminates the need for multiple utility services.  Geothermal systems require much less mechanical room space, which means more space for occupied areas (more space to lease or sell). There is virtually no outdoor equipment, therefore maintenance, security and architectural blinds Horizontal Loopare not needed.  There is also no equipment on the roof and no roof penetrations are required. Exterior noise is eliminated and building aesthetics are greatly improved because of the lack of outside equipment.

Space Savings 
The owner can occupy extra space saved by using a Geothermal system and be more competitive in his or her business due to the extra space and the extreme high efficiency of the Geothermal system. The owner can also offer very competitive rental rates because of the high level of savings.

Reduced Maintenance costs  

Maintenance costs are extremely low because of the decentralized individual zone approach, downtime never occurs in the entire building at one time. Most of the maintenance is simple and can be performed by custodial staff.  If maintenance is required on a unit it can be replaced with a spare and the unit requiring the repair can be taken to a work area to be serviced.  Tower, Boiler and Chiller maintenance is eliminated with a Geothermal system.

Complete occupant control  

The occupant can control his or her own comfort levels with a standard thermostat since the system uses individual zones. The heat pump units can be located out of the occupied space in the ceiling space or Vertical Loopsmechanical room. Since the equipment is out of the way it permits the Architect to have complete flexibility in partitioning and layout of the occupied spaces.

Simple Design 

Since most of the interior of Geothermal systems utilizes simple low pressure ductwork and a two-pipe fluid distribution system they are easy and inexpensive to design compared to most mechanical HVAC systems. Combine this with lower operating costs for both electrical energy and peak demand and Geothermal Heat Pump systems are an attractive commercial HVAC alternative.


There are very attractive economics for building owners with Geothermal applications. The annual electricity savings greatly offsets the greater capital cost of the Geothermal systems and can even generate positive cash flow if the system is financed  via the energy savings. In addition to operating cost reductions due to energy savings, there is typically billing demand savings due to the reduced peak load demands.  The simple payback period for Geothermal systems typically varies from about 1/2 year up to 5 years, with the majority being less than three years.