HVAC System Maintenance: Hunter Mechanical’s System CareT and Guaranteed System CareT Maintenance programs reduce your total ownership costs. In a typical commercial application, the HVAC system represents up to 20% of the initial construction costs. Once installed, HVAC can represent up to 50% of your energy budget.

When you consider that low refrigerant charges or dirty coils can increase cooling/heating energy consumption by up to 50%, increase repair costs and reduce equipment life cycle, properly maintaining your systems is among the best investments you can make.

At Hunter Mechanical, we understand your needs are unique. That’s why we customize our agreements to fit your needs with two primary programs from which to work, with options for HVAC, automation and other building systems:

System Care: Scheduled maintenance programs with specific frequencies and tasking to fit your particular application.

Guaranteed System Care: Comprehensive maintenance like that offered under our System Care program plus labor and parts for corrective repairs to mechanical components at no additional charge.

Emergency Service – 24/7/365

Hunter Mechanical was founded as a service business. To keep you up and running, we stay up and running, around the clock. every day of the year. We service and support all types of mechanical environmental systems from a wide variety of manufacturers.

In addition, Hunter Mechanical provides specific factory authorized support through certifications and affiliations with leading manufacturers.

Life Cycle Estimation

We believe helping you understand the condition of your systems helps you make sound capital planning decisions. When systems begin to approach the end of their useful life cycle, having the right information helps you avoid costly surprises. Hunter Mechanical identifies signs of age, provides estimated remaining life and provides budget support for capital planning.

As critical as HVAC costs are to your operation, we believe this essential service helps us serve you more effectively as a professional services provider.

Hunter Mechanical specializes in all aspects of Commercial Heating & Air Conditioning – Sales, Service, Installation and Maintenance. For over three decades Hunter Mechanical has provided full HVAC services ranging from:

Preventative Maintenance of Systems
24-Hour Emergency Service Response
Engineering Services (Design and Build)
Retrofitting Existing Equipment
Installation of State-of-the-Art Equipment

Hunter Mechanical has the resources and expertise to service today’s complex heating, air conditioning and energy management systems. Our primary concern is putting your needs first regarding safety, quality, cost and timing, as well as ensuring environmental compliance (EPA certified) . Hunter Mechanical is a licensed contractor in the State of Olkahoma.